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SMS srl offers its customers numerous services, including:
  • Reconstruction of eccentric and fast shafts in 39 Ni.Chr.Mo3 hardened and tempered steel;
  • Steel gear reconstruction: with straight, helical and bi-helical teeth;
  • Ram and raised floors squaring;
  • Guides milling with possible reconstruction of the same in bronze or of the same material they are of;
  • Control of parallelism and adjustment between floor and ram.
  • Phase check between two and more eccentric shafts;
  • Repairs or replacement of timed and progressive with recovery lubrication systems;
  • Verification with instrumental control of the tonnage of the press being processed with an overload hydraulic system or with a certified instrument;
  • Measurement of stopping time and safety distance with certified instrument and certification issuance;
  • Relay supply for Galato presses boards.
  • Application of safety protections such as annexed photoelectric barriers, four mesh aluminium or polycarbonate protections with 360° opening and sliding doors with electric control.

We communicate to our customers our specialisation in the maintenance of machinery for sheet metal processing and related systems, such as:

  • Mechanical and hydraulic shears
  • Mechanical and hydraulic benders
  • Mechanical swan neck presses
  • Double upright mechanical presses with 2 or 4 rods